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Philadelphia Tree Services is a tree care and removal company serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Our expert tree service team provides various business and residential tree care and removal services. We are fully insured and employ one of the area's few Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals. We entirely dedicate ourselves to the safety of our crew and the delight of our devoted tree service clients.

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Tree Service in an Emergency

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Arborist Services

Certified arborists have vast knowledge and training in dealing with a wide variety of trees and the problems that may occur. They may provide many helpful hints for improving the beauty of your house or business's landscaping and highlighting the features of your property. Consulting arborists may assist with detecting and avoiding tree diseases, establishing new trees, and determining when trees must be destroyed.

Tree Service in an Emergency

During heavy winds, damaged or broken branches can fall away from the canopy of trees, possibly incurring thousands of dollars in property damage. This debris could damage friends, neighbors, or loved ones. When high winds or severe weather damage your trees, contact a professional tree service company as soon as possible to remove any threats and get your Philadelphia, PA, property back on track.

Planting of Trees

Planting a tree not only improves the beauty of your house or company, but it also helps you save money on your power costs if put in the appropriate area. Knowing what sort of trees to plant and where to place them may make or ruin a tree's potential development. Different types of trees require varying quantities of sunshine and water. Our trained team of tree specialists in Philadelphia, PA, can examine your property to decide what tree species you should plant and where the ideal spot is to put it. We can also ensure that your trees are planted in a location that allows for enough root growth while not interfering with other plants or the structural stability of your home.

Stump Grinding and Tree Removal

There are several reasons why you might need trees removed from your Philadelphia area home. One reason is to keep fallen branches and creeping tree roots away from your home and property. Furthermore, a dead tree in the front yard is not a pleasant sight for guests or possible purchasers. Removing dead trees or unattractive stumps may improve your home's curb appeal and visual value. Whatever the cause for the tree removal project, our crew is more than delighted to assist you!

Tree Trimming And Pruning

It is critical to have trees on your trees professionally trimmed and pruned for many reasons ranging from safety to curb appeal. Finding the time to care for all the trees on a property can be challenging, but Philadelphia Tree Services can assist. Our arborists have the equipment, experience, and resources to maintain your tree trimming needs!

TPhiladelphia tree Service has worked hard to deliver exceptional tree service to consumers around Pennsylvania. Our expert arborists know how to care for, maintain, and trim Philadelphia's most common and indigenous trees. Oak trees of different ages and sizes, sugar maple, and other species are among those we are familiar with.

Trust Philadelphia Tree Services for skilled tree trimming for your Philadelphia, PA, home or business. Our professional arborists are committed to providing property owners in Philadelphia with specialized tree care that surpasses expectations, keeping the trees on your property in great form. We can care for trees of various sizes on your property, from seedlings to mature trees. Allow our trained and experienced crew to handle your tree care requirements properly and quickly!

Who We Help

Philadelphia Tree Services is delighted to assist you!

  • HOAs

    Our staff has worked with several HOAs in the United States' most populated metropolis, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to assist with the upkeep of their subdivision's trees and plants. The area ensures that it follows all HOA requirements and that each yard looks its best. Call us immediately if you want our experienced team of specialists to look after your subdivision.

  • Housing for Multiple Families

    The first thing potential tenants will see is the outside of your apartment or condo building. If your trees are overgrown, or worse, damaged and even dangerous, it can be a significant deterrent. Call Philadelphia Tree Services for all of your tree service and maintenance needs to attract new residents while also keeping them safe.

  • Utilities

    Overgrown or dead trees can badly damage power wires in your neighborhood. Trees entangled in power cables are not only potentially dangerous, but they may also be costly. We provide timely emergency tree services when a storm hits, or an accident occurs. The sooner we remove the trees, the lower the chance of utility damage. Our trusted staff has the tools and skills required to rapidly remove trees, stumps, and debris so that your utility lines may be freed and repaired. We also offer routine tree care maintenance to avoid any problems.

  • Commercial and Retail

    Scheduled tree trimming and pruning can keep your commercial or retail company looking nice and clean for your clients! Philadelphia Tree Services may also remove trees that could harm the construction of your building, saving you money in future damages. Your business or retail store should be welcoming to consumers, and we'll make sure that's the case.

  • Municipality

    Philadelphia Tree Services offers the expertise and certifications to assist local governments with right-of-way maintenance, cleanup, and tree removal. We are a locally based firm with knowledge of various city rules to ensure that any tree pruning or stump removal is done correctly.

  • Customers In Their Homes

    For nearly two decades, we have proudly served the inhabitants of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Healthy trees not only increase the value of your home and beautify your yard, but they also protect your family safely.

Our crew can help you with tree trimming maintenance, tree removal , and advanced arborist advice.

We can take on tasks that other tree services cannot since we have in-house crane services. We will never have to engage a subcontractor to execute your project because we have equipment. Philadelphia Tree Services guarantees client satisfaction, so you can be confident in the service you're receiving.

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